July 25, 2007

Harry Potter

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I, like many millions of Americans, have been reading the latest and last Harry Potter book. I just finished it, and yes, it does justice to the preceding six books, and then some. It’s a tear-jerker, at parts tragic in that wonderful Romeo and Juliet kind of way, but it all turns out well with a series of revelations that tie together the entire series.

For those like me who have never been true Potter fans (as in fanatics), tying together the entire series requires recalling details from previous books that are at best a dim memory. And it also takes a lot of exposition, much of it revealed in various ways by already-demised characters. But that’s the nature of the task J. K. Rowling faced, and she accomplishes it admirably.

And if you’ve heard that some of the good guys die, well, it’s true — can’t have tragedy without some good death scenes. But don’t worry, it’s all to the good.

So now all that’s left to look forward to in life for Potter fans are the two yet-to-be-released movies. Besides that, your life’s over.

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