February 9, 2008

Obama continued

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An assortment of Obama-related items. First, Lawrence Lessig, legal scholar and founder of the Creative Commons, explains in his inimitable slide show style why he’s for Obama:

Lest we forget, Obama is not Jesus, although if you touch the hem of his robe, your irritable bowel syndrome will be healed. Seriously, if you read through the comments of this post, it’s a little disturbing to hear of people not voting for Obama because of the enthusiasm of some of his supporters. After all, young people are supposed to go overboard when they find someone they can believe in. Better Obama than Ayn Rand or Karl Marx.

Lastly, I don’t know to what extent these results reflect today’s caucuses and primary wins for Obama, but the Iowa Election Markets have shown a complete swap of Clinton’s and Obama’s positions since Super Tuesday. While the delegate counts still favor Clinton, apparently the traders believe Obama will get the nomination. (I’ve found the IEM the best of the election markets, but it can’t predict the future, only accurately incorporate currently available information.)

Lastly, Andrew Sullivan, whose blog has become my source for all things Obama, has an article in the Atlantic arguing that the boomers in politics have been refighting the battles of the 60’s for the past 30 years, and will continue to do so until someone that came of age after the 60’s, a post-boomer, becomes president. Obama is not only demographically such a figure, but understands that this is so, and has crafted his entire message as a call to move beyond the silly partisan food fights (Whitewater, Ken Starr, impeachment, swift boats, etc.) of the 90’s and 2000’s.


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