March 28, 2005

Lutheran vs. Emergent

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A few weeks back, I posted about McLaren’s latest book on Emergent Christianity, A Generous Orthodoxy. I received a thoughtful comment to the post questioning whether the Emergent movement has anything to offer mainline denominations. Not knowing much about things Emergent, I emailed Eric over at xphiles and asked him if he had any insights regarding Emergent and how it compares to Lutheranism.

I was very pleased today to see Eric’s first post on this topic. He obviously has given this some thought, and has insights for those coming from both points of view.

I’m turning off comments to this post — if you have thoughts on Eric’s post, please leave them on his blog, and I will be doing the same.

Update: Post number 2 in Eric’s series.

Update: Post number 3.

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