April 14, 2005

The Constitution Restoration Act

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I’m a bit chagrined. While Bruce Prescott and I were debating the equivalent of cloth vs. faux-leather seats in a hybrid, a huge Hummer has been gunning its engine, bearing down on us all. I’m referring to our dialogue regarding the niceties of the Separation of Church and State (the hybrid) and the Constitution Restoration Act (the Hummer).

I did post an email I sent to Bush on the recent attack on the judiciary, but that was before I caught up with Father Jake’s post on the CRA, recently introduced in both the House and the Senate. I recommend a full read of Fr. Jake, but here’s a taste:

[T]he bill ensures that God’s divine word (and our infallible leaders’ interpretation thereof) will hereafter trump all our pathetic democratic notions about freedom, law and rights — and our courts can’t say a thing.

The comments to Jake’s post include some level-headed thoughts about this being a diversion to the real story (Mr. DeLay), and not a serious movement given that the courts would knock down the CRA in a heartbeat were it to pass. Perhaps, but if the CRA were to pass, and then get knocked down by the Supreme Court, then Congress would impeach any Justices voting with the majority opinion, leading to a complete constitutional crisis.

I really do think there are enough adults in Congress to prevent this from ever passing. But to even spend time discussing it is rather scary. I can’t help thinking “but what if…”

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  1. You are right.

    The fact that this is even being talked baout is very scary

    Comment by John — April 15, 2005 @ 5:29 am

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