January 20, 2005

Jim Wallis Gets More Visible

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Dale Lature at Movable Theoblogical has posted regarding a NY Times article on the Democrats’ “new attention on a religious and political anomaly: Jim Wallis, one of the few prominent left-leaning leaders among evangelical Protestants.”

I have favorably commented on Wallis’ latest book, and I’m glad to see Richard Land, a conservative evangelical, validate my opinion. He said that Wallis was “ill-qualified to instruct Democrats on conservative Christian values.” I can’t think of a more flattering endorsement.

The article also says that NBC hired Wallis to opine opposite James Dobson during their coverage of the inauguration. I’m sorry I missed it, but I just couldn’t bear to watch.

Update: I’m rarely ahead of the msm news cycle, but Wallis is scheduled to be interviewed by Al Franken on Air America on Friday’s show as part of Wallis’ book tour.

Update: Chris Currie has a link to a video of Wallis’ appearance on the Daily Show.

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