January 20, 2005

Links from Rev. Edgar, NCC

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The following is an email from Elizabeth Sholes of the California Council of Churches to their mailing list:

Dear Friends:

Rev. Bob Edgar, General Secretary for the National Council of Churches, was interviewed last week by Al Franken on “Air America”. He covered a wide range of topics concerning the role we in the progressive faith community can play with respect to national and international public policies. At our request, he has provided us with three links for NCC, World Church Service – doing outstanding work in the wake of the tsunami, and “Faithful America” which is our version of ‘MoveOn.org.” You may respond to national-level issues through the latter in much the same way MoveOn does; membership is free, and you may enroll directly on line. NCC and World Church Service also provide opportunities for your input.

The three links are:
www.ncccusa.org and www.faithfulamerica.org and www.churchworldservice.org .

We hope these will help you in your efforts to communicate your concerns to national and world leaders.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, the audio does not appear to be available at Air America, but here is their blog post about that day’s show. Also, the California Council of Churches can be found here.

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