September 25, 2005

Catching Up on Stories from the Past Few Weeks

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Here are some very important things I meant to blog about over the past few weeks, but somehow never got the time:

  • Bill Moyer, an eloquent and important Christian voice, gave a wonderful speech on the anniversary of 9/11.
  • The Gretna police, who became infamous for preventing hurricane victims from leaving New Orleans, arrested a 73 year old grandmother for taking her own food from her own car.
  • The heads of the “Big 5” mainline denominations in the U.S. (the ELCA, UMC, PCUSA, UCC and ECUSA) issued an open letter to Congress calling on them to halt the cutting of budget items serving the poor.

I feel better now. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I didn’t at least mention these items, even weeks after the fact.

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