November 24, 2005

Ten Things I'm Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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This Thanksgiving*, a few bloggy things I am thankful for…

  1. the “mark all comments as spam” button in the WordPress comment moderation panel
  2. commenters that agree with me, so I don’t start going fetal
  3. commenters that disagree with me, so I don’t start thinking I know what I’m talking about
  4. Andy Borowitz, The Onion and Monty Python, so we don’t have to be so bloody serious all the time
  5. my high school English teachers who drilled into me the difference between its and it’s, who’s and whose, and lose and loose
  6. my Mom, for making me take typing class in the 7th grade
  7. laptops and wireless, so I can blog while laying lying on the couch
  8. not needing to know any more html, css, php or sql than I do already (which ain’t much)
  9. Google, Firefox, Linux and WordPress, all of which are free
  10. the 37,532 visits since I began blogging a bit less than a year ago

Here’s to giving thanks, and gorging ourselves on way too much food! Have a good Thanksgiving.

*For readers outside the U.S. — a charming U.S. holiday to commemorate a feast shared by the Pilgrims and Native Americans in 17th Century Massachusetts. The Native Americans are still kicking themselves for that.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Bob!

    Comment by Angel — November 24, 2005 @ 6:05 am

  2. Didn’t your 7th grade teacher teach you the difference between lay and lie?

    (Sorry. I couldn’t resist that one. LOL!)

    wildwest, the anal retentive grammarian

    Comment by wildwest — November 24, 2005 @ 9:15 am

  3. Or high school English teachers, rather. (Oops.)

    Comment by wildwest — November 24, 2005 @ 9:15 am

  4. D’Oh! How embarassing. Obviously they didn’t, although I can just claim “common usage”, the refuge of a literary scoundrel.


    Comment by Bob — November 24, 2005 @ 10:00 am

  5. A worse refuge, of course, is “language evolves.” Oh, that’s not a refuge, though. That’s a justification. Thank you for not going there. 😉

    Comment by wildwest — November 24, 2005 @ 10:32 am

  6. I’m sorry I missed this till the day is over. I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. This is my very favorite holiday but I’m stuffed and worn out…and, I did NOT win the domino game :0, but had loads of fun playing, anyway. Now, I’m off to bed for a nice long triptophany (sp?) sleep.

    Comment by Jacke — November 24, 2005 @ 10:45 pm

  7. Mmmmm. Turkey. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    Comment by wildwest — November 26, 2005 @ 6:07 am

  8. Nice. Hey, wildwest, yesterday I posted a little tribute to Mom on my blog and I mentioned that I thought people who went out shopping on the day after Thanksgiving were insane…then, you know what I did? Last night hubby and I went to the MALL! Eeeeeek! It was kinda fun, I was feeling so emotional after Thanksgiving that I just wanted to get out and be around all the people and the clamour, it had probably been 4 years, at least, since I’d even set foot in the mall. It was kinda neat for a change. We bought some jeans for one of my “adopted” grand-kids. Last Sunday he was wearing a pair with a big gaping hole at the thigh. Anyway, I’m ready for the holiday this year! I’m in the Spirit! 😉 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Jacke — November 26, 2005 @ 10:48 am

  9. RE : your spam thing (if it’s a problem…)

    I have great luck with Spam Karma 2 and Bad Behavior 2.0 running together. I almost never have spam that gets through to have to be moderated, and I haven’t had anyone complain about their comments not going through either. They are great great plugins, if you haven’t/aren’t already trying them

    Comment by Lara — November 26, 2005 @ 1:33 pm

  10. great blog

    Comment by l. — November 27, 2005 @ 3:10 pm

  11. funny

    Comment by l. — November 27, 2005 @ 3:15 pm

  12. […] Per a suggestion from Lara, I’m trying the WordPress plug-in Spam Karma 2 to automatically filter out spam comments while hopefully letting all of your comments through without manual moderation. I’ll be checking up on it to make sure it doesn’t hold up legitimate comments, but if you have any problems, drop me an email at bob [at] iamachristiantoo [dot] org. […]

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