September 17, 2006

Two New Sites for Christian Progressives

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Jim Wallis now has a blog. He has always had his columns at Sojourners, but he is now blogging at It is sponsored by both Sojourners and Beliefnet, and the blog itself is hosted on the Beliefnet site. The official promo is as follows:, Sojourner’s New Blog: It’s time for the monologue of the
Religious Right to end and for a real dialogue to begin.

Announcing the God’s Politics Blog with Jim Wallis and friends.

The New York Times bestseller God’s Politics by Jim Wallis has been
characterized as the “book that changed the conversation” on faith and
politics in the U.S.

Now read daily posts by Jim and a host of other noted commentators on
progressive faith and politics, including Amy Sullivan, Brian McLaren, Obery
Hendricks, and Tony Campolo.

Visit us at for the latest news from Jim Wallis and

Also, there’s a new site for Christian Democrats at (Why do all these sites have a .com domain name — are they really “commercial” sites, or do they figure that the .org, as in non-profit “organization”, domain is too hard to remember?) This site includes commentary from both the political and the theological side, plus reader diaries. From the site: is an online community and action center for Democrats of Christian faith. Chaired by social justice activist Rev. Romal Tune and Tennessee State Senator and author Roy Herron, our website is helping to frame the nation’s values debate around the Gospel message of justice and community — not the Religious Right’s message of fear and division. Through both dialogue and action, readers will be able to put their faith to work for the common good, holding our nation and the Democratic Party to their highest ideals.

So, two new sites with what I’m sure will be some interesting content to keep you thinking.


  1. Thanks for the links! The FaithfulDemocrats looks especially interesting. I must say though, given the popups and abundance of advertizing on Mr. Wallis’ blog, perhaps .com is appropriate 😉

    Comment by Jeff — September 18, 2006 @ 6:20 am

  2. Found you through As a fellow Lutheran, I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts. Look forward to checking back often!

    Comment by Melissa — September 18, 2006 @ 2:47 pm

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