October 3, 2006

A Few Items of Interest

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I’ve run across a few items worthy of posting, but I don’t have much to add to them, so here they be:

Via Amy Sullivan blogging on God’s Politics, an NPR commentary by theologically orthodox (and Orthodox), politically progressive Caroline Langston, who began as a conservative but has evolved into a left-of-center Democrat. Another compelling testimony propagating the “I am a Christian too” meme. Langston is pro-life, and while she no longer identifies with the right, she is not sure she is welcome on the left: “Is there a place for me at the [progressive] table, exactly as I am?” I hope so.

Also from NPR (where would we be without non-commercial radio?), a This I Believe segment by Susan Cosio on prayer as silent listening, not as speaking. “I am most at peace when I tune out the voices of the world long enough to hear the still, small voice of God directing me. ‘Be still,’ Psalm 46 reminds me, ‘and know that I am God.'”

His Abysmal Sublimity Undersecretary Screwtape (first introduced to us in C.S. Lewis’ classic, The Screwtape Letters) is still writing letters to Wormwood. This letter has been obtained by Cary McMullen at theledger.com, and it appears Screwtape was rather encouraged by the Values Voters Summit.

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