February 17, 2005

Borowitz: Bush Reaffirms Support for Global Warming

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From the Borowitz Report:

Makes Earth a ‘Homier’ Place, President Says

On the day that the U.N. Kyoto Protocol finally went into effect, President George W. Bush reaffirmed his strong support for global warming, arguing that the phenomenon helps to make the world a “toastier, homier” place.

“Right now, Hawaii has a climate that is the envy of the world,” Mr. Bush said at a White House briefing. “If global warming continues at its current pace, by 2050 the whole world will be as hot as Hawaii, if not hotter.”

President Bush added that global warming – far from being the threat to the world’s eco-system that many experts say it is — may actually be the best long-term solution to the world’s energy problems.

“If the world got a few degrees warmer every year, we wouldn’t have to turn up the darned thermostat so much,” Mr. Bush said. “Thanks to global warming, the world will be a toastier, homier place.”

Mr. Bush said that each and every American can do his or her part to help increase global warming, adding, “Instead of walking to the corner, drive your SUV.”

“A lot of folks think they can’t do much to produce greenhouse gasses, but that’s just not true,” Mr. Bush said. “Every little bit helps.”

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