February 19, 2005


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Some new (to me) progressive Christian blogs this week:

  • The Grace Pages has a post about the imminent return of heresy trials in the Church of England for, among other things, preaching a liberal doctrine regarding gays. Hopefully they won’t be bringing back the stake as well.
  • I just discovered The Feminarian, who happens to live in the same suburb of a major US city as I do, and is apparently attending seminary with several friends of mine. Regardless of the its-a-small-blogosphere set of coincidences, she has an engrossing series on Christian sex (!!), starting with this post.
  • A new progressive Lutheran blog, FaithandPolicy, has a post with a quote from Ann Coulter, refuting which is the entire purpose of my blog and many like it. David counters with quotes from Luke and Martin Luther, both a bit more knowledgeable than Ann.
  • From the Parish, a concept for a Christian magazine that I would not only read, but pay money for. As for a title, how about Progressive Christian: the magazine of the Progressive Christian Bloggers Network. Joking, but only kind of.

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