July 26, 2007

Digital Business Strategy Lives!

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I have been struggling to find the right configuration of blogs, blog content, and audience. I started this blog to combine personal non-work blogging with the work-related blogging I had been doing at Digital Business Strategy. However, I’ve decided that isn’t going to work. Here’s the full text of my post over at Digital Business Strategy explaining my new approach/rationale:

I’m Not Dead Yet!

I’m rethinking my decision to retire this blog. My personal blog, Ergo Dubito, has provided me an outlet to write about personal, non-work-related stuff, and that’s great. Except lots of people out there in the IT blogosphere don’t really care what I think about the latest Harry Potter book. Come to think of it, most of my friends outside of work don’t really care if there’s a Linux civil war in the making. So, while a single blog allows me to write about my entire life, as the fully integrated life-work balanced person that I am, it’s not so reader-friendly.

So I am going to resurrect this blog for work, and maintain Ergo Dubito for things outside of work. Two blogs, two marginally overlapping audiences, one author. I’ve ported my IT-related posts over here, and will remove them from Ergo Dubito.

One change though — the url for this blog has been digitalbusinessstrategy.com, which is not only long, but also has three ‘s’es in a row. I’ve always had a secondary url, dbstrat.com, redirecting to digitalbusinessstrategy.com. I’m going to switch them, so dbstrat.com is now the primary url, inspite of the fact that it sounds like database strategy instead digital business strategy. It’s shorter. Previous links will still work, but dbstrat.com will be the default.

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