August 4, 2007

Romney v. Christianist

Filed under: Politics — Bob Gifford @ 4:40 pm

I think this youtube clip is fascinating on several levels. To be clear, I will never vote for Romney, but he is so far beyond this radio interviewer intellectually and rhetorically it’s not a fair match. I agree with his meta-point, even though I disagree with him on abortion: one can be morally opposed to abortion while also opposed to criminalizing abortion (as I am).

His interviewer is a whack job. He argues that the executive branch should be free to ignore Supreme Court rulings the President believes go beyond the constitutional power of the judicial branch. Since the judiciary is to interpret law and not make law, the President should declare that any Supreme Court decision the President deems to go beyond mere interpretation to be null and void. Bush’s unitary executive is nothing compared to this. Can you imagine the constitutional crisis that would result? Man, these guys are begging for a complete melt-down of our federal government.

He also seems to say that he knows the ins and outs of the Mormon faith better than Romney. Like I said, whack job.

So it’s long, but compelling. (Via.)

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  1. Romney does a nice job in this interview addressing the piercing questions of a somewhat loony interviewer. My favorite quote, “The miraculous thing about this country is that individuals running for secular office are not implementing the policies of their church but are doing what they believe is right.”

    Comment by Marc — August 14, 2007 @ 8:10 pm

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